If you’ve been on internet the previous some of days, you’re mostly well known with the “time, period ok” trend. The track was make by a TikTok user who went by Britt Barbie. People have since been making the music on video since its goes to trending.

In few times, stars such as Chloe Bailey, Bebe Rexha, and Baby Tate have given their self vocal to the now known catchphrase by doing remake the album. However, Britt Barbie’s fan following has grown widely all over the world since the famous video,

few people are telling the TikTok celebrity is possibly doing fa’ke st’uffs on a disability she doesn’t have. On Tuesday, a Tiktoker describes the variants between her words. He showed many clips that show Britt Barbie telling basically and comparing them to where her words is “not paired.”

The Tiktoker describes his distaste for the clips because he has widely functional issues. “So for her and other fans around outside like her to do that for gifs, financial issues, views, and fan following is fr’eaking mad to me,” he told. “People just desired to raise up for true.”

Since the well known trend, people have told to that the album is so very catchy that they’ve been singing it constantly but are not sure if she’s fa’king a not being a ability. The clip has actually accepted over 10 million views and over 3 million likes,

while Britt Barbie’s backing has grown to about an 25k. Nowadays people are becoming famous just by uploading a short videos on tik tok many of celebrities raising money from it.