Sharing this article with a sad heart to report ILOSM homie, Denise “Vanity” Matthews, Ex main vocalist for the 80’s era, Vanity 6, has now died today at the very less age of 57. Vanity had a numerous of ups and downs in her spin off,

from cocain addiction, to vi’olence abuse, to quickly making her personality into a devout Christian. Now she has eventually made her last change and we wish that she is been now placed to rest. Rest at peace our Queen.

As per to TMZ, reports in’timate to the family news that Vanity took her end breathe at a Fremont, CA hospital today (2-15-16). Only a some months ago, Vanity stated that she was diagnosis with sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (an inflammation of the few intestines) and she’d settled up a funding page to grow some money for her medical treatment costs.

Her kidneys were de’molish later years of fighting a drugs addiction, which suddenly attached to an extra dose in 1994, giving her kidneys into de’molition. She’s gone under almost daily basis dialysis treatments. As per to resources,

Vanity appeared church services on Saturday evening and described to the congregation that she was “ready to go home.” Now Denise “Vanity” Matthews is on her trip ‘house.’ Have a pretty tour Ms. Matthews and grateful for a work well done here on world. Rest well.

People said she gone too soon, but we wish for her peace wherever she is now. Our thoughts and condolences to the devastated experiencing homie.